Entrepreneurship Discussion on The Mai Miller Show

It caught me by surprise!

I didn't realize that we were going live at the time of filming. I made sure that I was completely honest during the interview. I don't speak completely fluent Hmong nor can I write and read it fluidly. Besides wanting to keep the language alive through my children, I also wanted to teach myself how to become better at the language both verbally and literarily. 

Hmong is such a small group of people in the world. I feel that if we don't continue to teach our children the language that it could be lost over time. 

I'm grateful that Mai Miller featured me on her show. Mai and I actually go way back to our grade school days when Hmong was newer to the country and there was no such thing as a class to learn how to read and write in Hmong. I learned it from my mom at home. I'm glad to see that it's now being taught in some schools. 

This was my 2nd time being featured on 3 Hmong TV. The first time I was featured was when I was still creating music with the band, Venus on Fire. It's amazing to see how time and life events change us. I think it's also amazing that 3 Hmong TV continues to support and create a medium for the Hmong community to be heard in media. 

Thank you to The Mai Miller Show and 3 Hmong TV for this opportunity and experience. 

Watch the whole interview below:

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