Victoria Lee, known professionally as Tory Envy is a Hmong-American children’s book author, singer, musician, and artist. Envy published her first bilingual children’s book “I Am A Big Sister – Kuv Yog Ib Tug Niam Laus” in 2021 where she was featured on Fox 9 News. She is a mother of two, a toddler and an infant, where she gets her best book ideas. Being Hmong and through her books, she wants to keep Hmong literacy alive.

Prior to writing children’s books, Envy debuted her single “Hlub Dhau Mus Lawm” in 2015 receiving over half a millions views on YouTube. Her solo EP, “Story Cloth” followed in 2016. Envy was the lead singer of the pop-rock band, Venus on Fire, from 2009 to 2014 where she released 3 EPs and the hit single, “WAR” on Lab Records (UK) in 2013.